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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

There is so much the naked eyes sees, the brain absorbs, and our unconsciousness stores. Ever had an instinctive feeling, an intuition, or even a physical reaction to visual stimuli that you simply could not explain, but somehow felt like could comprehend.

What’s the feeling you get when you see someone with their nails pressed on a chalkboard?

Does your skin goose-bump?

Whats the first thought that comes to mind when you see a crying baby?

A fish out of water?

Lights flashing in your rear view mirror?

Do you live through a flashback of a previous event in your life?

Are some people desensitized towards some events, and others not.

A couple of years ago, I trained with one of the worlds top forensic psychiatrist/pathologist/lawyer. Under his training, I learned how to look at objects and create a story, and then match them to real life.

Sometimes the only object I would get would be a human heart. From the fat to diameter ratio on the artery, I was to determine the patients eating habits. Then, through a structured pathway of analysis, I was to create a personality profile. The goal was to ultimately be able to determine if it was most probable that this person committed a crime or not.

I believe that we all have a little detective in us. The questions is, are we ready for the truth? Even if we were to be faced with the truth in front of us, would we be able to determine it as valid?

I want to invite all my readers into an awesome new venture that I am developing. Its easy, its fun. Its challenging, yet very entertaining. Its based on a system of training used by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and it will bring out the Sherlock Home in all of us.

This will be a weekly challenge where I will post 5 to 7 photographs of a particular personal profile that has been on the news within the last 10 weeks. It could be photographs of objects based on where a person lives, things he/she uses on a daily basis, and/or an activity that the person does. All with the objective to allow you, the detective, to identify who this person is. In the end, I will expose who the profile belongs to, and congruent with the A-List Psychiatry section of the blog, we will discuss a possible diagnosis, and create conclusions based on the facts presented.

Some of these cases are easy. Others, will take a little bit of research. All have been newsworthy. The goal is to bring an exciting, challenging, and ultimately refreshing insight to the world of forensic photography.

Skills Required: An unrelenting spirit, and a Sherlock Homes type of mindset.


Case #15983 – Miss Samsonite

 Case #26432 – Just Dont Talk To Me

Case # 42397 – The Neighbors Screams Can Kill

Case #419128 – 360 Degrees

Case # 72946 –  Double Dribble


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      • Amazing, not amusing. I try not to pay much attention to many of the things happening in the world and try to just walk as God leads me so I could not partake of your puzzle. However, I am amazed at your high intelligence and creativity to put together an intensive maze of pictures to link for a puzzle. Quite stimulating and intriguing. Sorry that I can not make any suggestions. I think you and God got this under control. Many blessings to you, my new friend.:)

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