As a subject matter expert in consulting the business of medicine, I am constantly bombarded with promotion items from many different companies. Lots of them deal with business additions to the a certain healthcare system. X company wants their machines at Y hospital. Another wants their data mining software at this medical system. Yet they are clear that unless the consultants do the suggesting to the CEO’s on the projects, their product will never get integrated.

Throughout the last couple of months, I have had the privilege of being approached by several consumer product companies that want to launch a small product, or wish to continue in their marketing campaign expansion through a blog. I am flattered that I am even considered, but the truth is….I am tired of their gimmicks.

I did not start this blog to make money by promoting items to readers who earnestly come to engaged, interact, and develop new ideas. Half the products I get offered, I call their bluff on the spot.

I have come across a couple of products that really have surprised me at how well they do work. Most of those, have not offered me a sponsorship. I do believe in giving credit where credit is due, and I believe there are some products out there that deserve a chance to get promoted.

That’s where this portion of the blog comes in. Every couple of weeks I will pick a product that is geared towards a need within the general population. We will study the product, the clinical trials, the reliability of the product and post it on this blog. I am in the works of testing out different products to begin this journey.

Companies who wish for me to test their product which can lead to a free promotion on this blog, email me at  Think@TheDoctorsCouch.Org. I highly encourage wellness products, but other products can be considered.



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