The Doctors Couch,, and United Airlines are having an awesome contest! No purchase necessary. 

Here are the rules:

Must submit a photo the best describes one of the three captions below:

1: I ate a cow. 

2. Going to nowhere land. 

3. What just happened?

The photo must be emailed to by August 31, 2014. Please add a small text describing the place, and a small story behind it.  Five will be chosen. A poll vote of the best one that describe the captions will follow. 

The winner get receive a free subscription to the magazine of their choice from the following magazines titles! (Digital or Print) Print if in the continental US. Digital version around the world. 

Share on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! The best photo wins! 

  1. Entertainment Weekly 
  2. The Economist 
  3. The Wall Street Journal 
  4. Time
  5. Vogue
  6. Fortune Glamour 
  7. Cigar Aficionado 
  8. Details
  9. GQ 
  10. Health 
  11. Outside 
  12. Western Horseman
  13. Outside Spectator
  14. Golf Magazine 
  15. Essence 
  16. Vogue 
  17. People
  18. Sports Illustrated 
  19. Instyle 
  20. Money

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