How Much Longer? During my second year in medical school, my friends and I started this tradition that we would pass by the Ferrari dealer. According to our theory at the moment, […]

Rob Ford

Mayor Rob Ford speaks to media after his meeting with Premier Dalton McGuinty , Police Chief Bill Bl

Name: Rob Ford Nickname: Robert Bruce Ford Background: Rob Ford is a 44 year old Canadian politician and businessman. He is currently the mayor of Toronto, in Ontario Canada. He recently has made […]

Tiger Woods

U.S. Open - Preview Day 2

Name: Eldrick Tont Woods Nickname: Tiger Woods Background: Tiger Woods is easily one of the highest grossing sportsman of all times. His endorsement deals went well into the 9 figures. His game, impeccable. His […]

Mariah Carey


Name: Mariah Angela Carey Nickname: Mariah Carey Background: Mariah Carey is singer, song writer, and philanthropist best known for her extraordinary voice, top selling albums, and diva behavior. Recently she made the news for […]

Tim Tebow


Name: Timothy Richard Nickname: Tim Tebow Background: Tim became a huge sensation back in 2011 as he, the media, and the christian community created a living Jesus out of him. I am not […]

Tom Daley


Name: Thomas Robert Nickname: Tom Daley Background: Tom Daley is an English Olympian Diver and television personality.  He specializes on the 10 meter platform in worldwide diving competitions. Recently he released a video admits […]

Kim Kardashian


Name: Kimberly Noel Kardashian Nickname: Kim Kardashian Background: The public does not know much about Kim Kardashian. Wait….yes we do. Because a good portion of it is public. Either through a reality TV show, […]

Mike Tyson


Name: Micheal Gerald Tyson Nickname: Mike Tyson Background: We have all watched, “Iron Mike”, as some like to call him, create an incredible media frenzy throughout the years. Someone who has tigers […]


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