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Exude Life Hello Internet! Blog Buddies, World. I am sorry that I do not write as much as I used to. Life has been a world wind of challenges, exhilarating experiences, and […]

How Hard?


“I wish we would be graded on effort.” -J.H. I remember being a premed student at Rutgers University. My classes consisted of 1,300 eager students competing against each other to beat the […]

Deep Impact


Just Passing Through I had the privilege of taking care of many people throughout my medical career. Even though I have learned something from every one of them, there was one that stuck with me […]



Whats the truth? I realized recently that we live in a world where honesty is underrated. Telling a “simple lie” has become a standard, and more and more people are finding themselves in webs of […]

Do You Have Scars?


That hurts…. I realize people are walking around with scars. Every day I get a patient thats hurt either physically, psychologically, and worst of all…emotionally. I remember rotating through plastic surgery, and patients coming in for […]


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