Happiness. Is it a state of being, or a perspective? This has been the topic of some of my research lately. I realize that many people are streaming through Instagram photos, seeing […]

Kanye West


Name: Kanye Omari West Nickname:  Kanye West Background: Kanye West is an American hip pop artist, song writer, record producer, entrepreneur, and fashion designer. He has a history of public display of a high […]



Exude Life Hello Internet! Blog Buddies, World. I am sorry that I do not write as much as I used to. Life has been a world wind of challenges, exhilarating experiences, and […]



How Much Longer? During my second year in medical school, my friends and I started this tradition that we would pass by the Ferrari dealer. According to our theory at the moment, […]

Mariah Carey


Name: Mariah Angela Carey Nickname: Mariah Carey Background: Mariah Carey is singer, song writer, and philanthropist best known for her extraordinary voice, top selling albums, and diva behavior. Recently she made the news for […]



Unwanted.  #Explicit – One of the worst feelings in the world is feeling unwanted. Unwanted by a potential partner. Unwanted by your family. Unwanted by your friends. Unwanted by anyone. It ties […]

Let It Go

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Burn – In medical school…many lifetimes ago, I was humiliated. It strengthened me. From day one, anatomy class, I had this teacher. Incredible tough. Super insensible. Unbreakable. She was an ex Cuban […]


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