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Disney Superstar @ The Doctor’s Couch Studios

In her first interview since leaving the spot light, Argentinian born, Disney superstar sensation Camila Salazar has decided to sit down on TheDoctorsCouch, to answer questions on how life has been since she walked away from set 4 years ago.

Question: Camila: Thanks for sitting down with What happened? Literally! Last time the world saw you, you were the sister of the Hugh Hefners top selling playmate, niece of one of Latin America’s top producer, and had created a name for yourself in Latin America, Europe and beyond with your hit Disney show. After two world tours, what caused you to leave the public eye?

Camila: Thanks for inviting me to this program. I have followed the blog for some time now, and consider some members of the team more than friends, so its my pleasure to sit with you and answer some questions. 

Question: Thank you. But on to the question that you probably want to avoid. Why did you leave the spotlight?

Wearing a plaid red and black shirt, and some worn down jeans, she comfortably takes out some nail polish and begins painting her nails as she answers the question.

Camila: I grew up in the industry. My name still gets millions of views on the internet. I grew up in a time where I could not go outside without being bombarded by paparazzi, reporters, and fans. Thousands of fans. I am thankful for those times, and had a blast on world tours with my friends, but I wanted my life. 

She takes a deep breath, before continuing.

Camila: The truth of the matter is that I was tired. I wanted a life, to fall in love, a normal career. My parents have instilled strongly in me that I needed to stay in the books. It was my number one priority even though I was in a hit show for the majority of my life. I decided to leave the spotlight, and take a year off. During that year, I spent time with my family, my friends, my nieces and nephews. 

She looks up at me, with her deep blue eyes, and dirty blond hair as if wanting to say more, but knowing she must hold back, before shooting.

Camila: I wanted to be me! I enrolled in school to be a psychologist. I am currently a senior at my local university, and enjoy a great normal life. I walk the streets with my parents without fear of the press. Believe it or not, I even take the bus. 

Question: The bus? 

Camila: Yes, actually two buses to get to school. I live a complete normal life. I still get recognized around the world, but to me, I am no longer that child star, I am Camila Salazar, a future psychologist. 

Question: You seem to feel great about your decision. Do you ever regret it?

Camila: Regrets? No, not at all. I even found love. Right after I made my decision, I met a Marine who has changed my life forever. He loves me for who I am, and my family loves him as one of our own. That is something that cameras or fame will never be able to replace. 

Question: Tell me more about your career as a psychologist.

Camila: Well, I am not a psychologist yet, but in a year I graduate and plan to help people the best I can with their mental health issues. 

Question: Would you like to be a psychologist to the stars? 

Camila: No. Absolutely not. Celebrities are very narcissistic to ask for help. I would like to work in the prison system with bipolar, schizophrenics, and antisocial disorders. 

I stopped in disbelief as I heard key psychiatric terms come out of someone who rise to fame was playing a not so smart blonde in a Disney show.

Question: Considering your beauty, and achievement, don’t you believe that the prison system is a place of too much risk for you?

Camila: I know it is. But I love what I am learning, and its what I want to focus on. What is great about being a young celebrity is that you develop thick skin at a young age. Now, when people mention my obstacles I have the power and believe in me to surpass them. 

Towards the end of our chat I asked her what makes her the happiest now.

Camila: I go out and drink a local Argentinian drink called mate’ with a friend, and feel normal. I guess I have achieved something that many child stars seek for, yet fail to achieve. A sense of normalcy. 

She collects her things as she is about to leave, and with the happiest face I have seen in a while she tells me.

Camila: Tell the world, that I am happy. 

I can tell she definitely is.


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