Hard Choices – Hillary Clinton


More Than A Woman.

I don’t consider myself a democrat or republican. I don’t even think it makes much of a difference. I am simply me.

One single vote.

I grew up with a mom who was boss. She was my dad’s boss at work for over twenty years. She was the boss of her four sons. She is the oldest of ten siblings. She was The Boss. My mother is an awesome example that has shaped the way I view the world, and woman in leadership. I admire her in many ways. She showed me that the best way to break ceilings is by having great work to show for it.. My mother has proven that by going from waitress to successful business woman. I am not the type of guy that dates dominating woman. The person I am currently dating is wonderful, full of strength, and a surgeon, yet incredibly delicate and gentle. I like to consider myself someone who does not see gender as an obstacle.

I am currently reading a great book. Now don’t think that I am a political freak. I am clearly not. What I am is an admirer of leaders and trend-senders that have broken barriers in order to fulfill their life’s calling. The book is called, Hard Choices, and its a memoir of HIllary Clinton as Secretary of State of the United States. Its pretty much part of the build up that is occurring for her campaign to run for president in 2016.

I would like to point out a couple of things so far. When I vote, I do not vote for a particular party, I vote for the person, and the history behind his/her actions. I have always been an admirer of people who have been able to learn from their mistakes and direct their lives in a different direction. I have always been a fan of the underdogs as well. Lastly, I have been a huge fan of people who take risk. Reading this memoir, and personally seeing her life weekly in the news for over two decades, I could not for see a better candidate for the presidency.

Let’s start with the scandal of her then husband, president Bill Clinton. Any other woman would of left him. Imagine the public humiliation that she had to face in order to continue to stand by her husband’s side. Yet she stood by him. I have always admired, and even trusted people who stick through thick and thin. Something about their believes in people surpassed my expectations. I am grateful for all of those that have done this in my personal life, even though I have disappointed them. What character must she have developed from something so terribly wrong that her husband did?

Let’s continue on with the fact that she is a woman with a law, business, and international relations background. Isn’t that the best combination for someone who is president. Someone who understands that laws and decides to respect them no matter what. Someone who understands business, involving big corporations, and smalls business and how its best for them to continue in our economic times. Someone who has traveled to over 100 countries creating, continuing and mending ties for the United States.

But above all, someone with actual experience in the white house. You see, unlike every other president in history, she is coming into a role that she saw her husband play day in and day out for almost a decade. She than followed it by becoming a senator, and lastly Secretary of State. What better school than the one she has already attended through this life.

The question is, is America ready to throw away the bias mindset of weak willed women in order to embrace one with so much structure, education, and experience? Are we ready to change our cognitive thinking into a more forward one?

I’ll leave you with this. When I was in 7th grade, I asked my then teacher Mrs. Leaderman if one day there would be a black president. She said, maybe, but she doubted that it would happen in her lifetime. She saw the look at my face, and knowing my mother than said, ” And do not even thinking about a woman president. Neither one of us will ever see that.”

I hope Hillary proves her wrong. I hope America is ready. I hope the world is ready.



18 thoughts on “Hard Choices – Hillary Clinton

  1. Well I am going to be very unpopular, I do not like her and do not want her as President. This is not about her gender, it is about her politics. I am a progressive. I have always been a progressive and I am not ashamed of this. I am tired of this nation recycling the Clinton’s and the Bushes. They have frankly done enough harm. During the 2008 primary the Clinton’s and especially Hilary used racial dog whistles more than once, some in this nation forget this those of us who follow closely, we don’t. Just because our current President chose to let this particular water flow under the bridge in favor of political expediency doesn’t mean the rest of us should do so, primary fights show true colors.

    Finally, the Democrats need to put up a someone with a more populace message and strategy. More of the same is not going to move this nation out of war, off of Wall Street and away from our current path toward the Right. Bill Clinton started the trend of the Left move toward the center right, Hilary will continue it. I would love to see a woman in the Oval Office, but not one who will continue the policies of Manifest Destiny, Social Policy decimation, endless budget cutting of the social safety net and lack of will when it comes to tax policy revisions.

    1. Val!
      Thank you so much for writing this. This is what this blog is all about. Taking different stance on things! I can see where you are coming from,and its a valid point. Can you suggest any other candidate which might be better suited?

      BTW: I love how engaged you are in this blog! Your conversations are always cause some thought.

      1. If we are looking for a woman, I would like to see Elizabeth Warren run with Julian Castro as her running mate. Both have strong populist credentials. Both are proven Progressives, who have so far in their own spheres of influence taken on tax reform, social policy and reform, bank reform, jobs, education. All things necessary if we are, as a nation, to begin to truly recover.

        We cannot continue to move further to the Right and think we will be successful. We cannot continue this move toward Libertarian Utopian principals, Capitalism run chaotic, with the added horror show of Christian Taliban layered on top. We are a nation in peril in a very real and dangerous way.

        Given that is my pipe dream, what I would like to see is a real primary rather than simply a bowing to expediency.

  2. I really like her. My parents don’t, they couldn’t understand how she didn’t show more emotion when she was going through the Monica Lewinsky affair. But I do – she just kept her cool and I watched a documentary recently about Bill Clinton and there was a picture of her with him looking really upset and fraught. So she definitely does have feelings and she did care what was going on.

    I think she’d make a great president and I hope if she’s chosen to be the Democrat candidate she wins. :)

    1. Elaine! Great to see you around again! I completely agree with you. I know people who do not prefer her, and thats ok. But the truth of the matter is that putting aside our preferance for like or dislike….I would vote for her because she seems the most qualified to steer America in the right direction at this moment.

        1. Yup, you got it right. I am so jealous of the people that live in the UK. Its one of my life goals to go visit there. There is so much soccer, and awesome places to visit.

          1. You know what? I kind of feel the same way about the US. OK, maybe not American football lol, but I’ve only ever been there once. Spent a long weekend in NYC and LOVED it! One of my best holidays ever. I really want to go to California, San Francisco in particular. But I guess it’s a case of the grass always being greener on the other side.

            1. jajajaj I bet it is. I honestly have never been to cali……East coast people travel the world before they go to the West jajaja. I cant wait to visit the UK though….one day…one day. Hopefully soon.

              1. Yeah that’d be good. It’s not half bad… not that I’m biased or anything. ;)
                It’s interesting that you’ve never been to California. But then the US is so big and there’s so many other places in the world to choose from, I can understand you never going.

  3. Well she’d have a lot of cleaning up to do but I’d love seeing her as president. Angela Merkel is doing an awesome job in Germany .. I have an inkling Hillary will prove to be just as positive for America. Here’s crossing fingers too that the world is ready! :)

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