Kanye West


Name: Kanye Omari West

Nickname:  Kanye West


Kanye West is an American hip pop artist, song writer, record producer, entrepreneur, and fashion designer. He has a history of public display of a high ego, and undetermined boundaries. Two weeks ago, he wed someone in the media known for her attention seeking behavior (Click Here). Kanye, would not be Kanye without his burst of egocentric behavior. He most iconic phrase is, “Bush hates black people”, coined during a live telethon. Some see it as a joke, others recognize that its a disorder that if not treated, attention seeking behaviors and disregard for others can become like a drug. One in which you can lose yourself, and when you realize it, you can be left alone, and wondering where did you go wrong.


Cluster B Personality Disorder

Cluster B personality disorder entails three consistent types of traits. One is a disregard for other people’s needs, and or feelings. One feels entitle because of the struggle that one has endured, to no fault of the person around. Two, the person has to have a borderline personality trait where extreme emotions are shown. Such outburst in his character was during an award show where Taylor Swift won an award, Kanye felt different about it, and decided to take the mic during the acceptance speech in order to state his point. Lastly, narcissistic personality traits where the person displays a certain arrogance, as he fantasies about power, success, and attractiveness. Sounds like every Kanye West song.

I personally do not listen to his music. I simply do not prefer to. I do believe that what you listen to is what you are putting into your brain. I remember reading a study where it was found that music sways peoples feelings and decision making ability. Great beats, yet no substance. Then again, that’s what sells today.

But on a psychiatric side. If I were Kanye, I would take some time away from the spot light. Become a C level celebrity for some time. His erratic behavior is only going to increase. Its only a matter of time until he makes some major mistakes. And when he does, he is the only one to blame for it. Not the media, not the cameras, not the press. Just him. Celebrities need to stop blaming everyone else for their psychiatric problems and simply seek for help.


14 thoughts on “Kanye West

      1. after I’ve heard his speech at Harvard, I’m sure he doesn’t really care about what people think at all . his music is not bad but his so-called fashion ……. everyone can do better in college. FYI, he set up a studio for architecture / interior design as well, I’m wondering who were recruited by him …… keep u posted once I knew 😜😜😜😜

  1. Interesting, I have always found him and now his new wife disturbing in their constant need for attention. I keep thinking they will fade over time, grow tired. Now I read what you have written, I guess this is something different than simply the need to keep their names forward for money. Terrible and sad.

    1. I agree. Then again, they might see it as a business venture and act out to generate more income, at the expense of looking like fools. But something tells me its not all an act.

  2. I remember this stunt on television and thinking how horrible or disturbed this person must be to make such a fool of himself. Why there were no repercussions to his actions are beyond me but it certainly was anything but normal. Now as you say, he has escalated to grandiosity and I avoid just the name. I think your article is spot on.

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