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Book Review – A Life Too Short by Ronald Reng

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Robert Enke was the top goalie for the German Squad, and chosen to representing his country at an international level. He played for various top teams including Barcelona, yet the public never knew of his struggle with depression. He committed suicide a couple months prior to the 2010 World Cup.

A Life Too Short by Ronald Reng is probably one of the single best books that has ever been written when it comes to seeing the progression of depression from childhood to adult. This biography was written using interviews and actual excerpts from Robert Enke’s journals in order to piece together his life, but more importantly, his thought process.

If you are a soccer fan, this book was voted Best Football Book of the Year. But more importantly, if you have a loved one who struggles with depression, and would like to understand the disease, its progression, and its challenges on the patient and those around him….this is the single best book that I could ever recommend.

Tastefully written by maintaining the respect and integrity of Robert, but at the same time, giving us a raw glimpse at the battle inside of his head. This is a must read for any entering the mental health field, and or planning to deal with patients who struggle with depression.


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2 thoughts on “Book Review – A Life Too Short by Ronald Reng

    1. Great book for sure inkposts! At times its seems a little slow, but towards the end when you see the bigger picture, you will understand that it was written this way to understand the patterns of the disease.

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