Donald Sterling


Name: Donald Tokowitz Sterling

Nickname:  Donald Sterling


Donald Sterling is an American businessman,  owner of the Clippers basketball team, and real estate magnate. He has recently made headlines concerning his racial rants. He has since done several interviews that continue to project him as someone who struggles with racism, and or the acceptance of people whom he considers that are not are up to his par. He denies his feelings of racism, and justifies his comments by bring to light other factors of his life. As I watched a couple of his interviews, I could not help but connect with a story that was on the news 5 years ago. It was about a real estate mogul, whose son died of a drug overdose. In his statement concerning his son’s death, the mogul, in great denial,  mentioned how his son struggled with diabetes, and blamed the disease for taking his son. Denial. It will soon catch up with you. Come to check, the mogul was him. The one and only, Donald Sterling.



An immature defense mechanisms detailing a refusal of reality or fact. This entails acting as if a painful event, thought, or feeling did not exist. It is considered one of the most primitive mechanism because it’s mostly displayed in the early years of childhood development.

In every situation, lets remember that we can never blame a patient for a mental disorder. Its not fair. They are not at fault. A patient is never at fault for having a disease. Now, we are all responsible for dealing with our diseases in an appropriate manner. Our disease affect those around us in more ways than we can possibly think.

Donald Sterling clearly has some racial issues. It would be best to study his background, youth, upbringing, and other factors before coming to conclusions. But above all, I am more concerned about his denial issues. No matter what age you are, lack of dealing with denial issues leads to living a life apart from reality. That’s the worst thing anyone can do, at any age. This leads to constant states of confusion. This can also leads to many other disorders.

My only encouragement and recommendation to Donald would be to stay away from the press, and get a great psychiatrist to work out his denial issues. This is just the tip of the ice berg, and I am sure many more things will come to light if he does not deal with this.



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11 thoughts on “Donald Sterling

    1. Natalie,
      I can see why you would believe that. I have to agree that its tough. If someone does not desire to change, I assure you they won’t. But if life humbles you down enough, no matter what age, and with the right people helping you through it, people can surely change.

      Never give up hope.

      Great to see you here. Hope to see you more often, so we can continue to interchange ideas.


    1. That’s one of the things that is great about psychiatry……you can break patterns at any age! I know its hard to believe and accept, but I assure you, you are never too old to change!

        1. Thanks. But more importantly, I hope that you can come to terms and see it in your own life, and the lives of others. Most people change, not under the power of own will, but due to the power of someone else believe in them. I believe you can do more than what you can even imagine. :-) Hope to see you more often around this blog.

          1. You cannot imagine how much I have changed over the years, how much I am still changing. The interesting thing is, many of my core values have never changed. Perhaps that though is because they haven’t needed to. ;)

            1. Very true. But even core values can change. For example, when people adapt to Christianity, or Buddism, and other way’s of lives….not only their actions change, but their core values change leading to a more permanent change.

              I understand that some things are more ingrain in us than others. That’s ok. It simply means it will take more work. Which is normal. But it can be done.

              1. I am going to enjoy following you, truly. I have written a great deal about my history (dysfunctional, violent, abused) and my recovery and my view of being not a survivor but instead Victorious. I hold little back about my road. So, I will enjoy following your thoughts from a more professional view.

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