Anderson Cooper



Name: Anderson Hays Cooper

Nickname:  Anderson Cooper


Anderson Cooper is a American author, journalist, and television personality. He is an anchor on CNN, and host of his self title show Anderson Cooper 360. Anderson is the son of heiress, Gloria Vanderbilt, daughter of the prominent Cornelius Vanderbilt (shipping and railroad fortune.) Recently, Anderson has made international news pertaining to his rejection of inheritance to his mother’s fortune. At first glance, it seems like a puzzling thing for anyone to say or do. But as we look closer into his history, and mental health patterns, we can better understand the reason why.



Dysthymia is a mild, chronic depression that can last at least 2 years. Patients are at a continous low state of energy, even though at work and among friends, they tend to display a normal appearance. To Anderson, his job entails the projection of an upbeat image. Most people with dysthymia tend to pursue careers in the public eye, and/or that entail some sort of public speaking because they feel that it’s the perfect time for them to feel different. This forces them out of their element.

To better understand why this mental health issue is projected from Anderson Cooper, lets look at his history. Anderson Cooper’s dad died of a heart attack at the age of 10. His only brother committed suicide out of their balcony at the age of 18. His mother, a very public figure, remained focused on her endeavors as AC was forced to grow up rather quickly and in the public eye. In his early 20’s, in order to separate himself from a world of wealth, he spend some time in some of Africa’s most war stricken countries as a photographers. In a recent interviews, he explains the deep lack of sensitization that photographing dead bodies brought to him. These are all elements that create an opportunity for dysthymia.

Dysthymia ,with proper therapy can show significant signs of improvement. Patterns of helplessness, and low energy can be redirected as the patient brings afloat, and deals with the past.

-The Doctor’s Couch



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