Robin Williams


Name: Robbin Williams

Nickname: Robin McLaurin Williams


When your life is no longer funny, its hard to figure out who you are.

Robbin Williams is a 62 year old, American Actor, Voice Actor, and Stand Up Comedian. Robin has brought us great laughs over the last couple of decades. Iconic movies like Jumangi, Dead Poets Society, Jack, What Dreams May Come, and Good Will Hunting will  forever be etched in our minds and souls. Let’s not forget about Mrs. Doubt-fire, a classic with an upcoming part deux. Over the last couple of years, he has made the press on his recent divorce with wife of 20 years, drugs, and trying to sell his iconic home in Napa Valley due to either family and or money trouble. How could someone who had worked in so many great family movies, be in the press for such unwholesome attributes?



Psychosis is alternative contact with reality that usually entails false beliefs, and or delusions towards oneself, one’s surroundings, and others.

I was recently reading an analysis on a publication from the British Journal of Psychiatry that concluded that comedians are more likely to suffer from psychosis, and or psychiatric illnesses. Psychosis is used as a defense mechanism in order to deal with the attributes of pain.  As I swift through the biographies of a couple of my favorite comedians, I realize that many of them have endured a significant obstacle in their lives, and have turned to making people laugh to escape the pain and receive acceptance. One of the main reasons why comedians have a recurrent theme of depression and or addictions in the later stages of their lives, is because the people whom they deflected to by making them laugh, are usually no longer there.

Its unfortunate that Robin William’s life is turning for the worst. Hopefully, he can go to counseling and deal with those inner daemons in his life. That is something Jim Carry had to do many times in order to keep himself and family together. Bernie Mac, and Chris Farley both died of overdoses trying to suppress some inner unresolved conflicts. Its a recurrent theme. Lack of growth in an area, with always catch up with you.

Have a good joke today. Just make sure your still sane when everyone stops laughing.


11 thoughts on “Robin Williams

  1. Tremendous sadness about Robin Williams. Problems with his career, finances, addiction … most of all his inability to accept, “It’s never too late to make a new beginning.”

    Forgive me if I’m not around as much, Lizardo. My daughter and granddaughter have moved in and time is more scarce.

    Pray that everything is going well for you.
    blessings ~ maxi

  2. Must correct you about Bernie Mac. He didn’t die of an overdose. He actually died of pnuemonia, a complication of sarcoidosis. Other than that, very good insight regarding Robin!

  3. Many celebrities go the way of Robbin Williams, Lizardo. All for the reason that is splashed across my coffee cup … It’s All About Me.

    When your life is wrapped in self—you are bound to topple.

    blessings ~ maxi

      1. It would be the exception for anyone to be different because of our human nature. Celebrities are put on a pedestal, their every whim catered to as if they are king, before long they truly believe what is said and written about them.

        Heady stuff.
        blessings ~ maxi

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