Rob Ford

Mayor Rob Ford speaks to media after his meeting with Premier Dalton McGuinty , Police Chief Bill Bl

Name: Rob Ford

Nickname: Robert Bruce Ford


Rob Ford is a 44 year old Canadian politician and businessman. He is currently the mayor of Toronto, in Ontario Canada. He recently has made the headlines by



Anosognosia (A) is a condition where the patient is not self aware of his or her mental illness or disability. Mr. Forb was video taped saying rather colorful things while under the influence. To be honest, quiet embarrassing. This received a lot of media attention. So what does he do to compensate it….deny that he has a problem.

In anosognosia, the patient continues to fall into traps relating to their weakness, and continues to deny that there is a serious problem occurring. A couple of weeks later, another video surface of  Forbs and his indiscretions, and after a little more time, another one. Every time going on national and international mediums and claiming that he does not have a serious issue.

Sadly enough, people in Forbs situation find themselves in a down ward spiraling pattern. There is a point where their conscious becomes “seared”, and they no longer have any regard for consequences of their action. Sometimes individuals like these find themselves with serious issues with the law. My only hope is that before he finds himself in a rather difficult situation, no media wise, but personal, he should step down as mayor and seek help immediately.


10 thoughts on “Rob Ford

  1. Ford has been stripped of real power but is still sitting mayor. His latest indiscretion: caught under the influence again has gone viral on YouTube. He called this not a big deal. As well, he is planning to run in the next election and still has a large following. Who’s more in need of attention? Him or his supporters?
    I scratch my head.

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