Cristiano Ronaldo


Name: Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro

Nickname: Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano is one of the world’s biggest soccer stars. His one of Forbes top earning athletes, and is always the person to fear if your on the opposing team. But what happens when you give a lower middle class 16 year, from the back streets of Portugal to 30 million Euros a year, and signed him to one of the most popular teams in Europe?

To sum it up, he said it best when recently asked “Why do you think soccer fans don’t like you?”

His response: “I believe people are envious of me. They do not like me because I am rich, and ridiculously good looking.”


Sudden Wealth Syndrome:

SWS is a syndrome afflicting individuals who have come into a large amount of money. This syndrome entails adjustment problems and its effects on oneself, those around him/her, and the patients perception of society. The syndrome can include fear of isolation from former friend, and an opposing counter reaction of distancing, guilt over the good fortune, and lastly, extreme fear of losing all the wealth.

Cristiano has done a couple of things that make him a perfect candidate for this syndrome. First he build a mega-mansion for him, and all his friends and family. He wants them to live together in his property, even as he resides over seas. His goal is for him to be surrounded by those he has loved and trusted throughout the years, even if its at his expense. This could be rather costly, as we have all seen in the examples of MC Hammer, Mike Tyson, and other celebrities do the same and lose their fortune.  It was not until recently, that he started challenging people on smooching off of him, and asking them to leave.

About three years ago, he started to feel rather guilty for all the money wasted. He started to remember the days of poverty in his youth. So in exchange he now gives back to children of the needy community. In his mind, he would look at these children, baffled and quilted out as to why he was picked to have this good fortune.

Lastly, more into this last year, he started realizing that money does not last forever. Making sure that the investments that are made with his money are promising, viable, and with great returns. This third one is usually expressed after a significant stresser exposure in life. In Ronald’s case was his a son born after a one night stand.

Not all people who received a large amount of cash display these symptoms. Usually the greater the difference in wealth attained from previous lifestyle, increases the amount of signs and severity of symptoms displayed by the patient.

With time, and decrease wealth, this syndrome dissipate, and are overtaken by other syndromes.


22 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo

  1. This was an extremely intense post to read, I enjoyed it! I may not have the monetary wealth, but I live comfortably. I have riches in other aspects of my life. I can relate to Cristiano Ronaldo, in the sense that I am also ridiculously good looking…ahahahaha!!!

  2. This syndrome is so sad and thank you for publishing this. Fortunately, he has come to his senses before it was all washed away. Michael Vick of the NFL wasn’t this fortunate. However, he has rebounded and remarkably doing quite better with his “second chance.”

  3. I agree when he was at ManchesterI think Sir Alex tried to protect him from this as best he could, but Real Madrid made him mega rich and his ego seemed to inflate as a result. I enjoyed this post, a really good read.

          1. It is – although not so much at the minute haha hopefully Moyes will have a good clear out in the summer – starting with Nani, Anderson and Young, then he can bring in some quality to the team

  4. Instant wealth is too huge a problem for me. I don’t even buy lottery tickets. IF I won, I would not want to give my kids any pots of money either. I k.n.o.w. it would ruin their lives and their marriage. Great post. :-)

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