Tiger Woods

U.S. Open - Preview Day 2

Name: Eldrick Tont Woods

Nickname: Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods is easily one of the highest grossing sportsman of all times. His endorsement deals went well into the 9 figures. His game, impeccable. His life matched his level of perfectness, until the truth was exposed. He was having an affair. Or was it 25 affairs?


Sexual Addiction

SA is a disorder that provides an unmeasured hormonal peak explanation for sexual urges that lead to inappropriate behaviors. This disorder entails hyper-sexuality, erotomania, and/or nymphomania. It can be biological, and or substance induced ie: alcohol levels and lower inhibition.

These are the results of a rather clean personality down the drain. This disorder usually forms through a snowball effect. The biggest pro-golfer in the world, does not one day wake up with 20 affairs. These are things that build up through time, planning, and uninhibited thinking. This type of behavior usually begins as a retaliation of a unsatisfactory environment at a young age, and later progressives to highly intrusive behavior.

I think he should be glad that he was caught. It actually gives him the opportunity to work on this issue. He can overcome this, but it takes years of honesty, accountability partners, and waging what is more important in life…family or sex?


8 thoughts on “Tiger Woods

      1. To my little uneducated mind, I wonder if a lot / some addictions begin due to the high feeling experienced of winning. Adulation by fans is a means to repeat the feeling of winning and more is needed over time, like a drug. I wonder if the need is truly sexual or simply a means to get experience what the brain can repeat.

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