Mariah Carey


Name: Mariah Angela Carey

Nickname: Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey is singer, song writer, and philanthropist best known for her extraordinary voice, top selling albums, and diva behavior. Recently she made the news for going out for a walk in a string bikini…in Aspen. Attention seeker? Maybe.


Histrionic Personality Disorder

HPD is characterized by the patient acting in a very emotional and dramatic way that draws attention to themselves. In women, this entails largely inappropriate seductive behavior that usually begins in early adulthood, and progresses throughout the years. This continues to occur despite the age gap the patient find themselves in.

Mariah Carey is a mother of two, in her 40’s, and has the voice many in Hollywood dream of having. Her talent alone makes her stand out as one of the most outstanding vocalist of this century. Unfortunately, this alone is not enough for her. He fear of age, combined with burst of paranoia have driven her to believe the they only way to stay on top within her industry is through sexual exposure.

Patients with this disorder find themselves with the need to go into seclusion away from the camera, in order to find an identity within themselves, and not what is expected from the spotlight.

Until she takes the appropriate measures…she will continue to rationalize, and expose herself by walking around in 6 inch heels in the Aspen snow in a bikini.

Possible next diagnosis: Pneumonia



2 thoughts on “Mariah Carey

  1. Dr. Lizardo, good essay. Great way to drive traffic here too, while helping people understand something deeper underneath the celeb fantasy world. That said, to add some historical input, I believe no small number of agents, passing pressure over from the industry itself, push their clients to do these kind of things. Today, good or bad publicity is leveraged for profit, like a law firm that does business associations in good times and bankruptcy in bad. Only in this case, they do it to these individuals who, as artists, are not up there on the scale of savvy business practices. What disorder is involved for those in the industry who imply or direct that female actresses degrade themselves for publicity?

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