Tom Daley


Name: Thomas Robert

Nickname: Tom Daley


Tom Daley is an English Olympian Diver and television personality.  He specializes on the 10 meter platform in worldwide diving competitions. Recently he released a video admits speculations of his same gender attractions. In his videos he claims that,” I still fancy girls, but at the moment I’ve never been happier (with his boyfriend).


Internal Conflict: Dissociate Identity Disorder

A sever form of dissociation, or mental process which produces a lack of connection in a person’s thoughts, memories, feelings, actions, or sense of identity Dissociate identity tend to form due to traumatic experiences. A fear of rejection, or concerned of reaction are the primary triggers.

I actually have had the chance to work closely with many of the same gender attracted community. It seems like this is a growing trend within the community in order to transition and find one’s true self.

I can only assume that with time he will allow himself to become more honest, with himself and those around him. Its part of the process considering its a lost easier to transition as someone who is both gender attracted, than as one who is same gender or the opposite gender as he claims, “that it surely did surprise him, as it was love at first sight”.

This is one of the few disorders that gets better with time, and self acceptance of the immediate community.



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