Tim Tebow


Name: Timothy Richard

Nickname: Tim Tebow


Tim became a huge sensation back in 2011 as he, the media, and the christian community created a living Jesus out of him. I am not sure about his upbringing or his faith, but I am sure that the way he carried out the christian fame into the game of football was as sensational as his life after things died down.

Tim Te-bow is a Christian footballer, whose real rise to fame was his combination of religious terms, his “glory to the above”, and his virginity. The media took this by storm and created a challenge for him that many Christians go through in their high school years.

I really believe that Tim Te-bow thought that he could hold on to the image and that would help him stand out from the other players in the league. I remember one day reading the daily news and seeing an article which ties in the amount of yards ran to scriptures in the bible. How ridiculous is that?

He surely did develop something that we call in the medical community: Alter Possession: Dissociate Identity Disorder


Alter Possession: Dissociate Identity Disorder:

AP:DID is a disorder that many youth who grow up in the christian community suffer throughout high school. Most youth of this community develop an easy sense of need to please their christian parents in their preteen years. Once they hit high school, and are bombarded by their changing hormones, assertive atmosphere, and or deeply identity changing enviroment they feel the need to be “all things to all men”.

Watching Tim throughout the years, it has been clear to all that his faith is something that was as waving as his game. During the later years, and during his latest fall from grace most of his photographs have not been of him in church, or scoring touchdowns. Even when one does a Google search, one gets many images of him with increasingly distastefully dressed women as his in his last stretch of display of his true identity.

Its going to be an interesting year for him now as he is not a top player and needs to figure out where exactly does he stand in his faith, his love for the game, and women.


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