Sir Alex Ferguson


Name: Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson

Nickname: Sir Alex Ferguson


When it comes to legendary team managers in Soccer history, Sir Alex always tops the list. He is one of the most admired and respected managers in the history of the game. He is currently in his 70+ and only recently decided to retire from soccer. Oddly enough, he claimed it was to spend time with his dying family.



Altruism entails guilty feelings that are alleviated by unsolicited generosity towards others. Those of us who are lucky enough to approach our older age, will find that the older we get, the better perspective we have on life, and the more we rearrange our priorities. Sir Alex dedicated himself to the game of soccer, and literally became the top dog in it. As he age he found himself on the top of his game, only to realize that those that can’t be traded to another team, or leave due to an injury- his family, are slowly dying.

His retirement announcement shocked the world, especially when he claimed it to do so to spend time with his dying sister in law which he loved deeply.

Altruism causes you to make changes in order to make amends. Its a common mature defense mechanism seen in many today. Most successful people, (and mafia) bosses tend to portray this mechanism in order to feel better about themselves and the actions of their lives.

Considering its a mature defense, it is acceptable and even praised by society. Unfortunately, unless dealt with in the earlier years, its impossible to turn back time, and do things differently to avoid this defense mechanism.


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