Clarke Carlise


Name: Clarke James Carlise

Nickname: Carlise


We have all fallen from grace. Soccer players tend to fall farther than others. In the world of sports, soccer is like none other. Most sports require you to go to college to get picked up and drafted. That is not the story of most soccer players. Most soccer players do not even graduate high school. They play in leagues from a young age, and at the moment they reach 13, they start playing semi pro. By 16 most go pro with the hopes of making it into Europe. A lot of times these players are from some slum in Eastern Europe, South America, Russia etc. Literally playing their hearts our to feed their families. Rarely does an outstanding player come form a prominent family in suburban US.

So what happens when a player goes  from taking his family out of poverty, not knowing how to mange the wealth, and the next day dropped by a team without any perspectives due to an injury, age, or sub-par performance.

It is reported that a good 70% of professional soccer players suffer from depression at some point in their careers.

A lot more than is shown on the media actually have attempted suicide.

Carlisle is one of the lucky ones.

He made it out alive because he woke up after an attempt at a park with an undisclosed amount of pills.


Brief Depressive Adjustment Reaction:

BDAR: is a psychological reaction to a stressful event. It is also called an adjustment disorder. Losing a loved one, a job, or feeling alone in a new environment are all causes of incredible stress.

Most of the time, the team members, or friends failed to see the signs and symptoms of this disorder. With this disorder, you continue to function, yet in silence are in a constant worry about the changes in life.

Most soccer players attempt suicide after a major change from a team.

A drastic drop in their finances.

A significant loss in their lives.

All these things are not things that we can personally see in them.

We go to games and continuously just expect them to perform.

Yet forget that they are undergoing human emotions, and we expect the better end of them.

This is a silent killer to many.


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