Mike Tyson


Name: Micheal Gerald Tyson

Nickname: Mike Tyson


We have all watched, “Iron Mike”, as some like to call him, create an incredible media frenzy throughout the years. Someone who has tigers as pets. Bites peoples ears off. Gets on my fights outside of the ring than inside. Goes to prison for rape. Having the option of getting out of prison early by simply confessing and apologizing, and choosing not to. What is there in a man who has such deviant behavior?

In his latest book, Undisputed Truth, Mike Tyson goes into a rather raw, and accurate portray of what makes a man like himself make the decisions that he has made. What happens when society gives a man 400 million dollars, for doing something rather inhumane, by bring in him the desire to kill someone.

Yet, to most of us, its incredible entertainment. But to Mike, it was just him doing the one thing he new he was good at.


Intermittent Explosive Disorder:

IED is a behavior disorder that is characterized by extreme expressions of anger. This anger often leads to uncontrollable rage. At times, these burst of angers are expressed in disproportionate situations. It is often unpremeditated, and is defined by disproportionate reaction to any provocation whether its real or perceived.

In his book, Mike Tyson expresses how he is learning how to created a new baseline. A baseline is a level of normalcy that most people have according with society. People who struggle with antisocial disorders (ex-convicts, rapist, molesters), tend fall off the extreme of the baselines, and tend to have to relearn the boundaries of each in order to properly integrate themselves with society.

4 thoughts on “Mike Tyson

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    1. jajaja I think thats the way a lot of people feel about him. I just read undisputed truth, and it made him incredibly more relate-able. yes, he has made a ton of mistakes in the past, but the book has a good way of explaining why. I guess that goes for everyone.

      happy new years to you too! This is going to be an awesome one for all of us!

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